Our Mission

At Adventures in Social Development, our mission is to empower neurodivergent individuals through the creative process, fostering lifelong success. We are dedicated to working directly with each person’s unique goals, offering ample opportunities for social engagement in an equitable environment.

Unlike traditional clinic models, we provide a space where students can engage meaningfully with their peers. Our programs—whether drama or drumming—are structured, supportive, inclusive, and tailored to meet individual needs. We begin and end each session with circle activities, reinforcing our commitment to community and social skill development.

Our approach is designed to be more effective in creating social skills than any other program by working closely with families and focusing on each individual’s growth. We aim to increase confidence and independence in a safe, structured, and encouraging setting. Our number one goal is for students to become the directors of their own lives, thriving within a community of peers of all abilities.

Capturing Moments of Growth

What People Are Saying

Adventures in Social Development has been a game-changer for my son. He has become more confident and expressive, and he looks forward to every session. The staff is incredibly supportive and skilled.

Lila Thompson, Parent

Your dedication and support have truly made my heart sing and brought tears of joy to my eyes. Because of ASD, I can now envision a future where I attend college, live independently, and pursue my dreams.

Sam Hatten, Student

Being a peer mentor at ASD has been amazing. I’ve learned so much about inclusivity and empathy while supporting my neurodiverse friends. Together, we’ve built a community where everyone feels understood.

Emily Johnson, Peer Mentor

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