What is Social Drama?

The Role of Theater in Social Development

At Adventures in Social Development, we created Role-play Theatre Analysis (RTA) to provide a safe and nurturing environment where individuals can build healthy, meaningful relationships and strive for higher goals. 

Through the magic of dramatic play, participants have the opportunity to express their thoughts and feelings about life’s challenges, forming a close-knit community. RTA is all about using visual and emotional awareness to spark meaningful dialogue. By combining these elements with reflexive thinking, we help participants blend function, emotion, and imagination. This approach encourages everyone to validate different perspectives and challenge conventional wisdom, empowering them to become change-makers in their communities. Through interactive drama, individuals experience personal success and growth, transforming their reality and gaining a healthier sense of self as they take on the role of director in their own lives.

Dramatic play has the ability too...

  • Capture our imagination
  • Retell the story
  • Actively role-play life scenarios
  • Validate behavior
  • Explore consequences in situational conflict

By engaging in interactive drama, participants develop essential life skills, from problem-solving and empathy to resilience and creativity. At our center, we celebrate diversity, encourage self-reflection, and foster a culture of collaboration and innovation. Here, every individual is encouraged to embrace their uniqueness, voice their opinions, and envision a brighter future.


Peer mentors play a crucial role in supporting neurodiverse kids by fostering functional opportunities, effective communication, and active listening. Serving as non-authoritative figures, they empower neurodiverse individuals to seek help and support from their peers rather than solely relying on teachers or parents. Peer mentors exemplify appropriate behaviors, serving as role models for their peers. In this dynamic, both neurodiverse students and peer mentors learn and grow together, with mentors gaining valuable insights into inclusivity and honing their leadership skills. By connecting with individuals from diverse perspectives, peer mentors cultivate inclusivity and supportiveness not only within the ASD building but also in all aspects of their lives, becoming advocates for diversity and empathy.

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