Capital Campaign

Established as a 501(c)(3) organization in 2009, Adventures in Social Development (ASD) operates throughout Des Moines and surrounding areas. Our capital campaign is underway to procure a permanent location in Johnston, Iowa. ASD is a performance-based arts entity providing social enrichment opportunities for all ages and abilities.

Your donation to the ASD Capital Campaign supports:

Social Skills instruction (in all aspects/classes): Guided assistance with peers to apply appropriate behavioral and conversational response strategies

Drama Classes: Enhance social opportunities using interactive role play design, dramatic play, directing, and improvisational acting to augment social skills development and enjoyment for all participants

Drumming Classes: Instruction and therapeutic techniques in rhythm and music appreciation for improved skills through fun, relaxation, and stress reduction

Life Skills Enrichment: Adaptive behavior strategies for functional daily living

Vocational Skill Acquisition: Assess and examine qualifications for gainful employment opportunities

Leisure opportunities: Explore preferred activities to increase quality of life

Service: Opportunities to demonstrate skills that would allow individuals to help, support, and give back to the ASD center and their communities

We have been blessed by a donor who is able to give us $50,000.00 start up and would like us to match it.


50 teams


= limitless opportunities


What it looks like: 50 individuals commit to being a team leader

Each team raises $1000.00

Every name that contributes is written along the baseline of the ASD theatre walls as our foundation


Teams may have 1 person, or many people:

1 person @ $1,000

2 people @ $500

4 people @  $250

5 people @ $200

10 people @ $100

20 people @  $50

40 people @ $25

50 people @ $20

100 people @ $10


End result = matching $50,000.00 

Please contact Annie or Joe at for more information or to sign up to be a team leader

Our Mission Statement

Cultivate relationship development through performance-based activities and music-making initiatives that showcase an individual’s wants, needs, talents and abilities within a public forum. Curriculum addresses and resolves complex social issues in a safe, nurturing, creative, and nonviolent arena to enhance the development of sharing, listening, problem-solving, team building, and receiving diversity to support emotional and social competencies for all.

To begin your adventure, contact us today!

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Our Goal

Foster creativity
Focus on the moment
Share narrative experience
To provide activities designed to connect yourself with others


8101 Birchwood Ct, Suite B
Johnston, IA 50131